Digital Fish Grip Scale
Digital Fish Grip Scale

Digital Fish Grip Scale

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Digital Fish Grip Scale



If you're looking for a handy tool with a tape measure for safe catch and release fishing, especially with toothy fish, then this fish gripper could be your choice! Save your hands from the usual gill plate slice or tooth snag with this compact convenient stainless steel fish gripper. Even with some smaller fish, it just makes handling so much easier to have a good grip without worrying about getting a nasty slice. Plus some of the fish like big sucker carp or buffalo that you don't want to touch period. Besides, a fish gripper can help you avoid the slime and smell when possible.

Quickly operated with the use of only one hand, this grip easily encompasses the lower jawbone of most species. It won't rub off a fish's protective slim layer and provides a more hassle-free way of handling noteworthy catches for a few quick snaps of the camera before releasing them unharmed. Because of the extended handle, the Gripper is the optimum way for landing fish in cold water, controlling toothy fish, and keeping yourself clear of multiple treble hooks. The trigger sleeve slides along the main tube for fast opening, closing, and locking. A rubberized grip gives you a firm grasp, and the main tube contains a precision scale that really blows away your accuracy considering it only gives you half pound increments. The stainless steel tube and components won't break down in saltwater and will survive years of hard use.

Features :

✔︎ 3 in 1 fishing scale for fishing lovers.

✔︎ Made of quality steel and ABS, anti-corrosion, sturdy and strong.

✔︎ With spring-action jaw to hold the fish firmly and secure.

✔︎ Big digital display screen with blue backlight, you can read it clearly and easily.

✔︎ A tape measure of 1m long for convenience


✔︎ Material: Made of quality steel and ABS

✔︎ Weight capacity: 25kg/55lb

✔︎ Item length: 31cm/12.2in The Package Includes 1 x Fish Grip with Lanyard


  • Press the:"on/off" button to turn unit
  • Secure fish by closing pincers on its lower jaw
  • For best results and accuracy, please hold unit vertically upright
  • Standard and metric conversion can be performed by simply press the "unit" button


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The Digital Fish Grip Scale is the most safest and easiest way to handle & weighing  fish up to 25kg/55lb. It's made of Stainless Steel that makes it durable. Portable Fish Lip Grabber With Scale Ruler is powered by 2 AAA battery.






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